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Neither gave me instant approval, however I called the Chase reconsideration line for the personal card and was immediately approved after following your advice. But there are a few mistakes you can avoid that will help you boost your chance of getting approved. Many people report being approved after calling the reconsideration line and providing more information. Calling a reconsideration line after a credit card denial can give you another chance at approval. Even for issuers which are receptive to reconsideration, what you state in the way and your call you state it might make a difference. Per Reddit , it appears the old reconsideration number of 1-888-245-0625 is no longer in service but there is a new, working reconsideration number which is 1-888-270-2127. The operating hours are 8 am–10 pm (Monday to Friday) and 8 am–8 pm (Saturday and Sunday). Check your Chase application status without calling Chase reconsideration phone numbers . 2. Before you call the reconsideration line, prepare. Chase Reconsideration Line: What to Expect to Secure an Approval. 86% Upvoted. New Chase Reconsideration Line Phone Number You might want to bookmark this post for future reference as it appears the reconsideration phone number for Chase cards has changed. Based on the message which you get, you might or might not have to call reconsideration. Lost/Stolen Cards and Account Info: 800-950-5114 . save . Chase Reconsideration Line – You do have to telephone reconsideration. 1-800-947-1444; You can also check your application status online (sign-in required). Chase (Business Cards) Main Support Line: 888-269-8690. Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. Chase business reconsideration line phone number. I plan on calling the Chase reconsideration department soon and telling them that I have too many open Chase credit cards and that I need to close a few to improve my odds of being approved for the Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card. Costco Card Application Status: 877-343-4118. Would you like to pay for travel with points instead of cash? Chase Reconsideration Phone Line / Number for Denied or Pending Applications. So I called the Chase reconsideration line for personal credit card applications, 888-245-0625, and was connected to a polite and friendly representative. If you haven't heard from them and want to talk to someone, you can call: Chase Customer Service: 800-432-3117; Chase Application Status: 800-436-7927; What to Say on a Reconsideration Call . I waited a day and called the reconsideration line and I was told that the bank needed my financial income documents. However, calling the Chase reconsideration line is not enough. Chase Reconsideration Line. Chase Reconsideration Line. I could’ve waited for the mail to come in and then take action, but I was way too anxious given that my previous application was instantly denied. I wasn’t present for the call, but she told me the agent was very clear: “You’re score is fine, you have a perfect credit history, but it just isn’t long enough. One week ago Ive applied for IHG (approved 8.8k) and Freedom 5% the next day declined. The Chase reconsideration line is 1-888-270-2127. Chase 2/30 - if you have more than two applications within the past 30 days, Chase will not approve you. In some situations, Chase merely needs to verify some of your information. share. For example, if you recently moved or something on your application did not match your credit report. I wonder if any of the reps will offer me anything to keep the credit cards open. If it’s a denial, you can review the reason for denial and work towards approval next time. (800) 548-4593 – General Customer Service and Application Line, automated (800) 903-9177 – Given to me by chat agent (800) 707-0489 – Senior Escalation Account Mgrs. Called chase reconsideration line and was told that i have too many CC with them (I only have SLATE and now IHG) I’m planning on calling again tomorrow. There might be a few reasons why you were denied a credit card. 5 5. comments. The old number 888-245-0625 has been disconnected and … However, I’m not sure what to do with the business card (it is a legitimate business with an EIN and revenue for over 2 years). General Rewards Assistance: 800-842-6596. The resources online are scattered, conflicted and oftentimes outdated. Before calling the reconsideration line, there are two rules you need to be aware of: 1. They're open Monday to Friday from 1PM to 10PM. You can also call the reconsideration line while your application is pending to help speed up the approval process. Personal: 1-888-270-2127; Business: 1-800-453-9719; Citi Reconsideration Line. (800) 933-5182 – option 3: application status (800) 889-9939; HT to flyertalk for this information. hide. However, the first Chase rep only verified my identity. Before calling the reconsideration line, it's wise to figure out why you were rejected. Chase Reconsideration Line. Personally, especially with the advent of the Chase 5/24 rule, I tend to not call into the Chase reconsideration line until I receive an official notice one way or the other on my application. Reconsideration (Personal): 888-270-2127; Reconsideration (Business): 800-453-9719; To check the status of your Chase credit card application, you can call the general customer service number or dedicated application status line. What to do if you’re denied a credit card. The issue is that number is either hidden on Chases website, or not there! So if you’re ever “pending” on a Chase application, calling the reconsideration line at 888-245-0625 is a great way to move things along and improve your odds of approval. (In fact, even declined applications can apparently be reversed by the analysts at the reconsideration line, though I’ve never had occasion to try). Application Status for Chase Business Cards. If your application was denied, you can call the Chase reconsideration line and ask them to reconsider their decision. The Chase business reconsideration line phone number is: 1-800-453-9719. The agent spent a few minutes reviewing my information and came back to tell me that my application still could not be approved. I picked up the phone and called the reconsideration line in order to check what was going on. Personal: 1-888-270-2127, open: To contact a representative for reconsideration of a Chase credit card application, you can use the reconsideration line. To speak to a representative about reconsidering your Chase credit card application, call the reconsideration line. Chase 5/24 - if you opened more than five credit card accounts within the past 24 months, you'll automatically be rejected. Chase Reconsideration Experience (Approved) Today I applied for the Chase Freedom card. You can call the Chase Reconsideration Line at 1-888-270-2127 to see if they will “reconsider” your application. You can either wait for the rejection letter or call Chase reconsideration line at 1-888-270-2127 and plead your case. Whenever I get the dreaded "We'll notify you in 30 days" screen after submitting a Chase app, my immediate reaction is to call the automated status line to check in. Reconsideration. After submitting the application online, I got a message saying that they could not approve the application. Calling The Chase Reconsideration Line. Keep in mind that if you get denied because of the Chase 5/24 rule it will be difficult to get Chase to reconsider. When I applied I got the 5-7 business day message. You have to be ready and be prepared to explain why they should give your a second look. The Chase Reconsideration Line is a phone number you can call in hopes of having an application denial overturned. (Note: this is accurate … Personal: 800-695-5171; Business: 800-763-9795; Discover. Citi / Citibank (Personal Cards) Main Support Line: 800-347-4934. No weekends. Shortly thereafter I received a targeted email that I have United miles about to expire (on March 31) and that I can save them by applying for the MileagePlus Twitter Handle: @ChaseforBiz. And it can be upsetting not knowing why you were not approved. Chase tends to have several reasons for denying someone a credit card. The business hours are 8am to 5pm EST, M-F. EST. Personal credit card line: 888-270-2127 . Credit Card Application Status: 888-201-4523. I have spent hours and can't find it. 1-888-676-3695; US Bank. The Chase reconsideration phone number line for Business cards is 1-800-453-9719. Reconsideration won’t overturn a denial due to Chase’s 5/24 rule (unless, as mentioned above, you aren’t really over 5/24 because your credit report hasn’t updated yet). I recently applied for the Chase freedom card on 5/16/20. I had her call the re-consideration line at 1-800-945-2006 and explain the situation. I called the Chase reconsideration line and explained that this transfer was a goodwill gesture, and that I’d consider moving more money or even some investment accounts over to Chase if my application was approved. We've had to call twice and were approved both times. report. Reconsideration Line The rep mentioned this as the reason, which also showed up in the denial letter by Chase. I keep seeing the Chase reconsideration line number all over the internet. Chase | Ultimate Rewards - URGENT: Chase Reconsideration Line Help - In early January I applied for and received the Chase Ink Bold and Chase Sapphire Preferred. January 25, 2017 by Lyn Mettler 4 Comments If you’ve been declined after applying for a Chase credit card, depending on the reason, there may be hope! Citi Advantage Credit Cards: 888-766-2484. If your Chase application status is denied or pending, you can call: 888-270-2127 (Personal Cards) – Updated Phone Number; 800-453-9719 (Business Cards) New Chase Reconsideration Phone Number: Chase changed the phone number for personal cards. A Chase CSR just told me they do not transfer credit limit from one card to another. Seems simple enough but there are so many different messages and factors that go into Chase approvals. Chase Credit Card Reconsideration. After verifying my details, and volunteering to reduce my credit limit on my Chase Freedom card, I was approved, although the representative was able to do it without reducing my credit limit on the Freedom or any of my other cards. After that, he transferred me to another department. In this article, we’ll list a few things to do after receiving a denial, as well as reconsideration lines for a few major card providers. Chase Reconsideration Line Number. It’s best to call within 30 days of denial, or you may have to submit a brand new application. Can anyone provide a link to the Chase website that shows the reconsideration line number? These are some of the steps you can take to be ready to make the call. Therefore, I called Chase’s reconsideration line. Calling Reconsideration. I have an equifax score of 750 and expected that the chances were pretty good for getting approved. The Chase Business reconsideration line is your chance to get your business credit card application approved by showing Chase why you need or want the card and verifying facts about your business.

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